Girls in Business movement

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What is The Girls in Business movement?

The Girls in Business Movement is Australia wide, we currently have Gold Coast Girls in Business (GCGIB), Brisbane Girls in Business (BGIB), Sydney Girls in Business (SGIB) and Melbourne Girls in Business (MGIB) with Perth and other areas coming soon!
We are a community for ALL women who want to come together and create a new and powerful support movement for women in business.
A rapidly growing community of over 45000 like -minded and inspiring women from the Gold Coast and all over Australia in different industries and stages of their lives who are offering support, advice and collaborating in a safe and positive environment!

We’re creating an environment that embraces and celebrates women of all ages and backgrounds.

Our Founder, Members, speakers, vendors and guests are working together to create a movement of empowerment and growth for women in business.

This is a page about women uplifting and supporting other women in their #girlboss lives and businesses. My business has changed not only in the support I have from these woman but now, how I see it, how I manage it and what I expect from it long term. Social media can be scary and confusing and if you want the best support team, this is the page to belong to.

Sara Monroe

Delish Beauty & Lashes

Here’s what GCGIB all about: 

  • a community with no discrimination
  • a community that embraces and celebrates ALL women
  • a community where the vibes stay positive and productive
  • a community that collaborates and connects on a regular basis
  • a community that allows you to ask for help and that wants to help
  • a community that wants to see you grow your business empires
  • a community that gives back wherever possible

About Our Community

 The Gold Coast Girls in Business community has over 45000+ local women who want to help and support other women in business or help you to build the business empire you have always dreamed of!

Asha Barber, Founder of GCGIB wanted to create a safe place for women to ask for advice, give support, motivate, network, inspire and give back to the community!
Join us and you will see exactly why our members speak so highly of the GCGIB Movement!



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