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I don't own a business, can i still join?

YES, of course you can. The Girls in Business Movement is for ALL women, in business or not. 

how many official girls in business groups are there now?

We currently have Gold Coast Girls in Business, Brisbane Girls in Business, Melbourne Girls in Business, Sydney Girls in Business There are alot of groups that have been started with similar names and branding however the ones listed above are the ONLY OFFICIAL Girls in Business Movement groups

how can i get the girls in business movement to promote or collaborate with my business?

There are quite a few ways we can promote your business – the best thing to do is email [email protected] to dicuss what would work best for your business or brand!

do i have to be a platinum member to attend events?

No, you do not have to be a paid member to attend our events however those members are given first dibs on tickets to all our events.

How do i join the paid membership?

Due to re-structuring Paid memberships are on pause until late 2021. Join our mailing list to be the first to find out when you can join. JOIN MAILING LIST HERE

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